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A New Mexican 
Family Tradition

The Ortiz family has strong roots in New Mexico with several generations who’ve started the tradition of making homemade beef jerky.  Art and Yolanda Ortiz were both born in New Mexico and coincidently had families who moved them to Southern California as small children.  Not knowing their fate, the two meet in California, fell in love, got hitched and started their family.  Passed down from their parents, one of their favorite pastimes was making their own beef jerky.  It was very common to see thin layers of beef hanging to dry in the garage or in a selfmade dehydrator that was placed on the roof.  In the late 70s the Ortiz family, which now included their two children Tony and Lisa, made the decision to move back to New Mexico and settled into their forever home in Socorro.


Socorro is a small town nestled in the Rio Grande Valley with a population of roughly 8,900.  The persona of the local community is best described as close-knit, friendly, and family orientated.  Everyone knows their neighbors and often unite for community events, which is how “Ortiz Jerky,” started getting a reputation.  For years Art and Yolanda have been making their delicious jerky to share with friends and family. 


After 25 years of working for big corporations, Lisa convinced her parents to turn their talent for making beef jerky into a business.  With the whole family on board their jerky venture went into full force in 2012.  In true entrepreneurial spirit, Lisa quit her job and hit the ground running.  Utilizing her sales background and her gift of gab, Lisa begun the licensure process and started booking events throughout New Mexico.  As the business started gaining momentum the family support grew almost as fast at the family itself. 


Today Ortiz Jerky has three generations under the family operation including: Art and Yolanda’s two children, two grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.  "The success of Ortiz Jerky has been a blessing,” stated Yolanda Ortiz “Twenty years ago I would have never imaged that our passion for making jerky would someday support our family and bring pride to our family name.”  Some would say they truly found success in making ends “meat,” but to the Ortiz family their humble beginnings turned a New Mexico family tradition into the American dream and now they are ready to share it with the world.   

Generations of Teamwork
The Visionaries

Art and Yolanda Ortiz inspired the business by perfecting the flavor, texture, and technique of their homemade beef jerky.

The Entrepreneurs 

Lisa Ortiz, her brother Tony Ortiz, and his son Chris Ortiz brought life to the family vision. Together they started the business and now manage all of the operations. 

The Legacies

As the future CEO of Ortiz Jerky, great-grandson Remington Ortiz is already working on his golf swing, while great-granddaughter Ava Ortiz is gearing up for the VP of Marketing position.

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